Based out of Brooklyn New York


Tenor Saxophone/ compositions / Igor Lumpert
Alto Saxophone / Greg Ward
Bass / Chris Tordini
Drums / Kenny Grohowski


Yoko Ono
”A great Band”
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Henning Bolte (Netherlands):

All About Jazz

"Eleven is a regenerative, joyful work of complex music. Its bracing and encouraging power could help to face our world's chaos, with its juxtaposition of misery and joy”

Clarity, angularity, consistency are the most distinguishing characteristics of the album Eleven, created by saxophonist Igor Lumpert & Innertextures. M-Base, Mahler and Mingus are keywords, too.

Erico Bettinelo (Italy)


"The post-bop tensions of the Big  Apple, the obliquities of the folk melody, but also an original funk brilliance are the ingredients of a record that swarms with ideas and energy, not rarely explosive rhythmically under the oblique lines of the winds. Lovers of the most sophisticated urban-jazz, this record is for you!"


Mariusz ZawISLAK (Poland)

"The texture of improvisation is detailed, focused on the details, pure and non-irritating, giving the disc a surprising lightness. "Eleven" is an album that I will reach often! "



by Igor Lumpert